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Skater's Code of Ethics

Skating is a competitive sport requiring safe and courteous behaviour from all participants, both on and off the ice. Skaters need to be aware of one another to ensure the safety of everyone. Although skating is primarily an “individual” sport, all skaters must act as a team and exhibit team mentality while sharing the ice.

Each skater at the Orillia Figure Skating Club (OFSC) is responsible for being aware of and practising the rules of etiquette and safety as noted in this document. This code of Ethics must be followed during all training sessions. All OFSC skaters are expected to act in accordance with these rules while representing our Club at exhibitions, competitions and other events.

General Ethics:

  1. Skaters must be courteous at all times to everyone, including their fellow skaters and parents both on and off the ice in accordance with:

                    City of Orillia Respect

                    Skate Canada Code of Ethics

  1. A Board Member or Coach has the authority to remove any skater from the ice for non-compliance of this code or non-payment of fees.
  2. Coaches are not to be disturbed during lessons or in the Coaches’ Area of the OFSC Office.
  3. All Skaters must have a coach from the Bronze Level upwards.
  4. Skaters may go to another session for a private lesson with a coach. The skater is to remain on the ice only for the time of the lesson. These lessons are limited to a maximum ½ hour, 3 times per month or the guest fee will apply. No group lessons are permitted off session, except dance or freeskate pairs. Skaters may skate up or down one session only.
  5. Guest fees must be paid before skating. Guest fees are payable to a Board Member or your coach. Please notify your coach of your intention to guest skate. Guest Skating is limited to 2 times per month.
  6. Money and valuables should not be left unattended. OFSC can bear no responsibility for lost or stolen items.
  7. Skaters are encouraged to make an effort to support their fellow skaters during regular sessions and competitions/events.
  8. Concerns/Complaints will be reviewed only if submitted in writing to the Board and will be reviewed by the OFSC Board in “Committee of the Whole” (closed session).

Ice Rules:

Right of Way Rules

  1. Skaters in a lesson or during their solo to their music have the right of way. Regardless of priority – safety must come first. Use common sense and regardless of who has the right of way, both skaters must stop before a collision.
  2. When a dance is played, the skater with the coach who requested the dance music will skate first.
  3. Solo or dance music will be played in the order of coach request.
  4. Spin in the center. Jump at the corners. Do not linger in these areas.
  5. It is important to always be aware, cautious and considerate of everyone on the ice. Within each session, there are a variety of skating levels sharing the same ice.


  1. Skaters may not enter the ice surface until the Zamboni doors have closed.
  2. Food, drink and gum are not permitted on the ice. Water bottles must be left at the boards. No glassware is permitted.
  3. Skaters are expected to be skating at all times when on the ice. Skaters must get up promptly after a fall in order to keep pathways clear for other skaters.
  4. Attention must be paid to the position of other skaters and coaches while skating to ensure the safety of all.
  5. Foul language, yelling, abusive or aggressive behaviour, including kicking or picking holes and the intentional making of “snow” is prohibited.
  6. Pushing, tripping, horseplay, tag, racing or intentional interference with other skaters is not permitted on the ice.
  7. Proper attire must be worn by all skaters on all sessions (non-baggy athletic pants or leggings, tights/skating dresses or skirts, skating pants). NO shorts or hoodies allowed during on-ice sessions. Long hair should be tied back.
  8. All Skaters who have not passed Stage 5 must wear a CSA approved helmet. There are no exceptions.
  9. Skaters must follow the session schedule i.e. free skate only during free skate time, dance only during dance time, etc. unless in a lesson with their coach.
  10. All skaters, including guest skaters, must skate on the session for which they are qualified.
  11. All skaters are to participate in group stroking sessions unless receiving a private lesson.
  12. Skaters should not leave the ice surface during a session unless absolutely necessary. It is good practice to obtain a coach’s permission before leaving the ice.
  13. Skaters must clear the ice promptly at the end of the session.
  14. All out of town and guest skaters must abide by the OFSC’s Code of Ethics.
  15. I will conduct myself professionally during all interactions in and surrounding Skate Canada activities
  16. I will not participate in any form of bullying, harassment, discrimination, physical or verbal abuse, neglect, intimidation, or exploitation.
  17. I will not use technology or social media to disrespect or exploit others.


Disciplinary Action:

The OFSC Board will only commence Disciplinary Action when a written letter of complaint is forwarded to the Board. This letter will be reviewed by the board in “Committee of the Whole”.

Upon receiving a written letter of complaint outlining a violation of the Code of Ethics, the OFSC Board will proceed with the following disciplinary action:

1st Offence: Verbal warning by the Skater’s Coach or the OFSC Board of Directors. The Skater’s Parent/Guardian will be informed of the warning if the Skater is under the Age of Majority.

2nd Offence:  Letter from the OFSC Board will be addressed to the Skater and Parent/Guardian outlining the nature of the violation.

3rd Offence:  Suspension from all Club programs without compensation for 1 week. This includes all competitions and test days. Written complaints relating to misconduct of spectators/Parents/Guardians may result in suspension from the arena.

4th Offence: Skater may be asked to leave the Club at the Board’s discretion.

In the case of a serious breach of ethics, the skater may be immediately suspended at the Board’s discretion. In cases of suspension or expulsion, no refund of any kind will be granted.


Updated August 2019



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