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                                           Social Media Policy

The purpose of this policy is to safeguard the organization’s integrity, image and branding and is applicable to all Orillia Figure Skating Club (OFSC) stakeholders. This policy is not intended to interfere with the private lives of our employees, volunteers, board or team members or impinge on the right to freedom of speech. As representatives of OFSC, all parties are required to exercise good judgment in their use of social media and conduct themselves in a responsible and respectful manner when contributing and interacting in online spaces. “Social media” should be understood in its broadest interpretation to include but is not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, blogs, electronic newsletters, online forums and other sites and services that permit users to share information with others in a contemporaneous matter.

Official use refers to anyone posting on behalf of the OFSC.

Personal use refers to posts through a personal, non-affiliated account of an employee, volunteer, board or team member.

OFSC employees, volunteers, board and team members are free to publish or comment via social media in accordance with this policy.


  • The purpose of using social media channels on behalf of OFSC is to support the organization’s mission, goals, programs, efforts and events, including news, information, content and objectives
  • When posting on behalf of OFSC, refrain from reporting, speculation, discussion or giving opinions on OFSC topics or personalities that could be considered sensitive, confidential or disparaging
  • Confidential or proprietary information that has been shared with you should not be publicized on social media channels
  • As in all communications, the employees, volunteers, board and team members should be consistent in their message when posting about OFSC. Users are not permitted to post information, photos or other representations of inappropriate behaviour, or items that could be interpreted as demeaning or inflammatory. All communications will be respectful of others. This includes the obvious (no ethnic slurs, offensive comments, defamatory comments, personal insults and obscenity) but also proper consideration of privacy of objectionable topics, such as politics and religion.
  • Posters are encouraged to tag the accounts of athletes and coaches, along with images, provided the action does not release any personal information the subject does not already have on their own account.
  • OFSC’s social media channels are to be used for positive interaction. Refrain from posting negative or critical comments about or relating to athletes, officials, coaches, staff or organizations.
  • When posting on behalf of OFSC, professionalism and quality must be maintained. This includes the use of proper grammar, syntax, style and accuracy of information in all posts. All communications should adhere to the brand guidelines and established online voice of OFSC.
  • Posters will not use social media to promote goods or services not affiliated with OFSC
  • Material posted on OFSC media platforms that does not follow the Social Media Policy, will be promptly removed or the individual who posted on an affiliated account will be asked to remove said post.
  • It is not the intent of OFSC to police accounts, so please, stay positive, humble and professional.
  • If you see a misrepresentation of OFSC in the media, you may point it out and report it to OFSC staff.
  • Conversations are encouraged, but if you feel the values of OFSC are being contradicted, please address the issue immediately. If an error is made, correct it quickly and if you modify an earlier post, make it known that you have done so. If accused of posting something incorrect, seek official response from the department which the issue concerns and correct immediately.
  • Encourage others to share OFSC content
  • Use relevant hashtags
  • Keep content fresh
  • Use photos and videos to increase interaction on posts
  • Include links to websites or other external posts
  • Respond to comments in a timely manner and in a positive fashion
  • Pose questions to stimulate discussions
  • Commenting and retweeting is important, but don’t flood timeline
  • Send messages to multiple channels (e.g. an Instagram post to Twitter)
  • Submissions of pictures, videos, results and other OFSC related news items are welcomed and encouraged. Please send them to or via Facebook messenger to the OFSC Facebook Page.
  • Concerns or complaints related to social media content should be submitted in writing to

New Policy effective July 2019

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