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Carnival Policy
Policy # 9.12

Applies to:  All Members Participating in Carnival
Implementation Date: September 2002
Revision Date: September 2023

Policy Statement

Orillia Figure Skating Club (OFSC) is a membership-based organization recognized by Skate Ontario, the governing body for the Orillia Figure Skating Club and by Skate Canada, which is the governing body of Skate Ontario.

The purpose of this policy is to contribute to the growth and development of skating for our community in a safe sporting environment by providing our OFSC members with Carnival procedures.

This Policy strives to provide increased accountability to both parties and provide a mechanism for transparency, identification of governance issues and an enhanced commitment to safe sport.


This Policy applies to all members registered in an Orillia FSC Club program and participating in Carnival

Carnival Rules

1.    Carnival solos will be drawn out of a hat and will be spotlighted in a group number.

2.    Names will be drawn out of a hat for all sessions, for 8 “Character” spotlight solos.
4 Gold Character Spotlights
2 Silver Character Spotlights
2 Bronze Character Spotlights
Only home club Orillia skaters may put their name in the hat

Solo Length - 1:30 minutes – 2:00 minutes max.

3.    Any skater, who has been a member of the Orillia FSC for 12 years or more and has never had a feature or spotlight, will automatically receive a spotlight in the Carnival for their session.

4.    Any skater who competes at Sectionals (through the qualifying process) will be featured in the Carnival if they meet the following criteria:

(a)  Must be registered with the Orillia FSC Enhancement Team

(b)  One feature solo only will be awarded for each Sectional category (i.e. Pre-Novice Women, Pre-Novice Men, Novice Women, Novice Men, Junior Women, Junior Men, Senior Women and Senior Men). The soloist will be picked on the basis of their highest total score from the Sectional Championships.

Solo Length – Pre-Novice/Novice 2:40 max
                            Junior/Senior                      3:00 max

5.    Any skaters who qualify at a provincial level in Special Olympics will be featured in the Carnival.

Solo Length – 2:00 minutes max

6.    Any skater who receives a feature regardless of the discipline (freeskate, dance or pairs) will not be eligible to put their name in the hat for a spotlight. 

7.    Home club (Orillia) skaters will not be paid if they are featured in the Carnival. This is subject to Skate Canada guidelines.

8.    All skating members with a full or part time membership are eligible to participate in the groups they qualify for, but they must meet the Carnival practice attendance requirements. 

9.    Carnival attendance is mandatory for all skaters on Bronze, Silver, Gold, Program Assistant, Dance Number and Enhancement sessions. Skaters on these sessions may miss one (1) practice/rehearsal for each number they are participating in. Any skater who is absent for two (2) practices/rehearsals will not be allowed to skate in that number during the carnival performances. 

10.  Any skaters who is ten (10) minutes late for a practice/rehearsal will be docked ½ of an absence. 

11.  Programs Assistants will have a number in the Carnival.

12.  Enhancement Team will have a number in the Carnival.

13.  Skaters who have passed their Star 10 Dances by December 31, 2023 are eligible to participate in the Dance Number. The skaters who qualify for the Dance Number must raise enough money to fund the Dance Number. A decision will be made by December 31st if enough funds have been raised.

14.  Little Stars will have a number in the Carnival.

15.  Development Team will have a number in the Carnival. 

16.  Skaters are entitled to one number for their session, plus any specialty numbers. Specialty numbers include Little Stars, Development Team, Program Assistant, Enhancement Team and Dance Number. 

17.  Skaters who are in qualifying position for Provincial Championships will be allowed to skate on the solo practice session. Carnival solo music will take priority.

Policy Administration

This Policy will be maintained by the Orillia Figure Skating Club and will be reviewed at the start of each Carnival season.


A printable PDF version of this policy is available below:

Carnival Policy

 Orillia Figure Skating Club - OFSC