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Billing and Payment Information

Prices: All prices are in Canadian currency and are inclusive of any applicable taxes

eTransfer payments: will be accepted.  Please send the eTransfer to:*This is the only email address set up to receive payments.

Online Credit Card Payment: The following credit cards will be accepted by the O.F.S.C. and all credit card transactions will be subject to up to a 2.8% service processing administration fee.

In person payments: by cash or cheque are not available.

Program Payments:                                                                                                                                                                                      PreCan, CanSkate and all other non StarSkate programs: payments will be made in monthly installments (on the 30th) for the 2022-2023 season and the payment method will be established (credit card or eTransfer) at the time of registration. Skaters will not be permitted on to the ice until the first installment payment is made in full.  The skater's place in the program cannot be guaranteed if payment is not received within the required timeline.

StarSkaters and Enhancement: payment will be made in monthly installments for the duration of the 2022-2023 season; payments are due at regular intervals each month (on the 8th). Skaters will not be permitted onto the ice until the 1st payment is made.

Registration requirements:                                                                                                                                                                       PreCan, CanSkate and all other non StarSkate programs: Not applicable.  Skaters may select one (1) or two (2) days out of the three (3) day sessions offered (Mon, Wed, Fri).

StarSkaters: must register for a minimum of two (2) skating sessions per week. 

Enhancement: is only available for StarSkaters and is by invitation only.   Skaters must be registered for three (3) skating sessions per week in order to be in the enhancement program

Requests for special payment plans: must be submitted in writing to and will be reviewed by the Board for approval. If a skater is eligible for any type of sponsorship like JumpStart, please contact the OFSC President at the above email.

Fees include:                                                                                                                                                                                      PreCan, CanSkate and all other non StarSkate programs:  Club group coaching fees, ice expenditures and insurance.

StarSkaters: Club group time which includes:                                                                                                                                           - Bronze: Stroking, Skills, Dance, Synchro and Artistic                                                                                                                       - Silver: Stroking, Synchro and Artistic                                                                                                                                                           *Group Freeskate lessons on Bronze and Silver are billed individually by the coaches                                                           - Gold: Stroking 

- Individual coaching fees are invoiced and paid separately for StarSkaters                                                                                       - Ice expenditures and insurance.                                                                                                                                                          

For all Skating Programs:                                                                                                                                                                  Lottery Tickets: StarSkaters, PreCan and CanSkaters will receive a booklet of tickets to sell as part of the OFSC’s fundraising efforts. The cost of these tickets has been added to your registration fee. There are twenty (20) tickets in each booklet for a total of $40.00. Sell each ticket at $2.00 each and you keep the money.  All ticket stubs will be due back before the Christmas break.                                                  Note: the member who wins the free fall/winter membership at the annual AGM, is not eligible to receive a booklet of tickets. (They can however purchase a booklet for $40.00)               

Skate Canada membership: mandatory for all skaters.  Regardless of how many or which skating program a skater is registered for, this one-time annual fee must be paid prior to the start of the skater’s 1st program of the season. Skaters will not be permitted onto the ice until payment is made in full. 

The Skate Canada membership season is from September 1st to August 31st of the following year.  The fee is $50.00 for both children and adults which includes the OFSC administration fee.  All Skate Canada fees are final and are not subject to refund or credit.                         *All dates and prices are subject to change

Program changes: Any changes to a skater’s category (eg. moving up from CanSkate to StarSkate) must be approved by the OFSC Board and is subject to a prorated fee increase.

NSF Payments: The OFSC will charge an administration fee of $35.00 for each NSF cheque received.

Overdue Payments: Each overdue payment is subject to an eighteen percent (18%) interest rate per annum, calculated on the daily outstanding balance and compounded monthly from its due date, both before and after demand, default and judgment, until paid.

Skaters with overdue accounts will not be allowed to register for any other programs until the balance is paid in full. Skaters may be prohibited from participating in any Club events, Club competitions and Testing until the balance is paid in full.


Refunds Policy

Withdrawal from a skating session before the first day of skating: Skaters who wish to withdraw from skating for any non-medical or non-injury related reason may receive a refund provided they withdraw before the start of the first skating session. These cases will be charged a $50.00 administrative fee.

Withdrawal from a skating session once a skating session has started: Skaters who wish to withdraw from skating for any non-medical or non-injury related reason may receive a refund. The Skate Canada membership and OFSC administration fee of $50.00 is non-refundable regardless of which skating program a skater is being withdrawn from.

PreCan, CanSkate and all other non StarSkate programs:                                                                                                             - Withdrawal from any two day program will be charged an additional $75.00 administration fee.                                                     - No refunds will be processed after the 2nd scheduled class of the session without a medical certificate.

StarSkaters and Competitive:                                                                                                                                                           - No refunds will be processed after November 15th for the Fall/Winter session or April 15th for the spring session without a medical certificate.                                                                                                                                                                                - If eligible for a refund, it will be prorated based on the sessions skated.

Withdrawal from all OFSC skating session due to injury/medical reasons: Skaters who are unable to skate due to an injury or medical reason may be given a credit towards a future season. The Club may request an official Doctor’s Certificate from the skater requesting the credit. The credit may be pro-rated depending on how much of the season the skater has completed.

Any refunds and credits that are required due to any other circumstances will be determined at the discretion of the OFSC Board. All requests for refunds must be submitted in writing to the OFSC’s President at and will be reviewed by the Board for approval.

If a refund is granted, the method of refund will be determined by the OFSC.  If a credit is granted, it will be processed against the skater's account that may be applied to an invoice for future skating or test tickets.

No refunds or credits are provided for missed sessions. Make-up ice for hours missed on a skater’s scheduled day will not be granted. The Club is not obligated to refund registration fees for unforeseen ice closures due to special events/circumstances, snow days or equipment/mechanical breakdown beyond our control.


Updated August 18, 2022

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