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OFSC Competitive Skating Program

The Competitive Skating Program is by invitation only and runs for two sessions (Fall/Winter and Spring) throughout the skating year and the invitation is for the entire skating season. If the skater was invited at the beginning of the skating season, there is no invitation required to participate in the Spring Session.

This program focuses on skaters looking to go into the competitive Freeskate stream and they are grouped according to skill level and rotate amongst our highly trained coaches.  

For skaters that have been invited into the program by the competitive coach, they must show dedication to becoming a competitive skater and meet competitive skating standards. Skaters participating in this program must be punctual (On and Off-ice), have regular attendance, and provide notice to the competitive coach if they are going to be absent from a session. This will allow for proper scheduling of coaches.

If a skater is absent for more than 2 classes, without good cause and/or without prior notification to the competitive coach, they can/may be asked to leave the program. No refunds will be provided in this case.

Mandatory Program Requirements:

  • Must have a full-time membership at OFSC; skate a minimum of 3 days per week on club ice
  • Participate in mandatory Fundraising which is determined at the beginning of the Fall/Winter session
  • Participation in Off-ice conditioning; location is determined at the beginning of the Fall/Winter session
  • Minimum of 2 competitions in the Fall/Winter session
  • Take part in a qualifying competition (Star skate or sectional level qualifier)
  • Star 5 skater and higher must register with Skate Ontario Super Series
  • Skaters must display a keen interest in pursuing competitive figure skating 


Competitive Levels and Criteria

Skaters in the competitive program will participate in a specific training day per week which includes both On and Off-ice instruction. The On-ice session for Competitive Team A is 1 hour and 50 minutes long and for Competitive Team B, it is 1 hour and 30 minutes long. Skating instruction will be in a group lesson format working on skating skills, jumps, spins, and other exercises to enhance skating development.  The Off-ice classes are up to 1 hour in length following the On-ice session. 

Competitive Team A Qualifications: (Maximum of 15 skaters)

- Skaters must be competing at the Star 5 level and up                                                                                         - Skaters must be landing their axel                                                                                                                       - Skaters must be working on double jumps

Competitive Team B Qualifications: (Maximum of 15 skaters)

- Skaters must be competing at the Star level 1-4                                                                                                 - Skaters must be working on single jumps                                                                                                            - Skaters must display advanced edge control, balance and speed

Out of Town Skaters

- Skaters must abide by all mandatory requirements as stated above                                                                   - For skaters that have been invited into the competitive program, they must skate a full membership at their home club and provide proof of membership

The competitive coach determines when it is appropriate to move skaters to the higher level.


Competitive Fees, Policies & Refund Info


- Competitive fees are based on the length of the session and how many weeks the session runs.                     - Skaters are charged a fee for the semi-private lessons they receive however; this fee will be split by the number of skaters that are in the group.                                                                                                                - Lottery Tickets: Competitive Skaters will receive a second booklet of tickets to sell as part of the Competitive program’s fundraising efforts and is included in the registration fee. This booklet is in addition to the one that is included in the StarSkate program. There are twenty (20) tickets in each booklet for a total of $40.00. Sell each ticket at $2.00 each and you keep the money.   All ticket stubs will be due back before the Christmas break.


- Fall/Winter session: 1/3 prior to the first session, 1/3 by October 1st and 1/3 by November 1st.                          - Spring session: ½ prior to the first session and ½ by April 15th.                                                                          - Full payment policy is available at under the Policies section.


- Refund requests must be made in writing and submitted by email to the OFSC President at                                                                                                                                     - Full refund policies are available at under the Policies section.

Missed Classes:                                                                                                                                        

- Participants are to attend all classes as scheduled for the program in which they are registered. In the event that a participant is unable to attend a scheduled class(es) or make-up class(es), refunds or credits for the missed class(es) will not be provided. It is the parent’s responsibility to contact the competitive coach to notify an absence.

New Policy effective August 1st, 2019

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