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Listed below is the schedule that we will be following from Monday February 18th until Carnival on Saturday March 2nd, 2019. 

Carnival Attendance Rules Star skaters (Bronze, Silver, Gold) may only miss a MAXIMUM of 30 minutes of carnival practice per group number. Anyone who misses more than 30 minutes will NOT be allowed to participate in that group number.  This does not apply to PreCan & CanSkaters.


Monday February 18th

                NO SKATING  -  Family Day

Tuesday February 19

        4:00-5:00              Silver session

        5:00-5:15              Silver Carnival

        5:15-6:15              Bronze

        6:15-6:30              Bronze Carnival

        6:30-6:40              Flood

       6:40-6:55             Competitive Carnival

        6:55-7:10              PA Carnival

        7:10-7:25              Gold carnival

        7:25-8:50              Gold session

Wednesday February 20

       4:00-5:00              Bronze session

       5:00-5:15              Bronze carnival

       5:15-5:30              PA  Carnival

       5:30-6:00              PreCan

       6:00-6:10              Flood

       6:10-6:55              CanSkate

       6:55-7:25              Little Stars

Thursday February 21

       4:00-5:00              Bronze

       5:00-5:15              Bronze Carnival

       5:15-5:30              Silver Carnival

       5:30-6:30              Silver session

       6:30-6:40              Flood

       6:40-6:55              Competitive carnival

       6:55-7:10              Gold carnival

       7:10-8:10              Gold Session

     8:05-8:50         Dance Number carnival              

Saturday February 23rd

      8:00-9:20              Competitive Session

     9:20-9:50              Competitive Carnival


Monday February 25th


Tuesday February 26th - revised!!

          4:00-5:00              Silver Session

          5:00-5:30              Silver carnival

          5:30-5:40              Flood

          5:40-6:40              Bronze session

          6:40-6:55              Bronze carnival

          6:55-7:05              Flood

          7:05-7:50              Gold session

          7:50-8:20              Gold carnival

      8:20-8:50          Dance Number carnival

Wednesday February 27th

         4:00-4:45             Bronze session

         4:45-5:00              Bronze Carnival

         5:00-5:30              PA Carnival

         5:30-6:00              PreCan

         6:00-6:10              Flood

         6:10-6:55              CanSkate

         6:55-7:25              Little Stars

Thursday February 28th

         4:00-4:30             Solo Practice

         4:30-5:00              Bronze carnival

       5:00-5:30              Little Stars Carnival

         5:30-5:40              Flood

         5:40-6:10              Silver Carnival

         6:10-6:40              PA Carnival

       6:40-7:10              Competitive carnival

         7:10-7:20              Flood

         7:20-7:50              Gold Carnival

         7:50-8:50              Dance Number

Friday March 1st


skaters should arrive 45 minutes before their scheduled skate time

click below for full schedule :

updated Dress Rehearsal 2019

(PAs now start at 4:30 p.m.)


 Saturday March 2nd

8:15-9:00              Solos
9:00-9:50              Features

10:00-10:30         Competitive
10:30-12:00        Dance Number

2:00     Matinee Performance

7:00     Evening Performance

skaters must be signed in by 1:15/6:15 if skating in the first half of the show or by 2:00/7:00 if skating in the second half

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