Program Assistants

Program Assistants ( PAs ) are a very valuable part of the Orillia Figure Skating Club Learn to Skate program. PAs are individuals who have been trained to assist in the delivery of the PreCanSkate and CanSkate programs.

Program Assistants from the Orillia FSC are registered Skate Canada members and include:

          • Current skaters at the club

          • Former skaters

          • Skaters from other sports (hockey, ringette, speed skating)

To PA in the Orillia FSC, skaters must be 12 years of age by December 31st of the current skating year and must have passed their complete Star 3 freeskate test.  Skaters that are 10-11 years of age and completed the Canskate program, may be trained as "helpers" on our PreCan and Canskate sessions.

A PA’s role may include:

          • Assisting or leading warm-ups, group activities or cool-downs

          • Assisting with the set up of circuits and stations

          • Leading circuits and rotations

          • Demonstrating proper execution of skating skills

          • Providing assistance to skaters who may have additional needs

          • Providing general assistance to the coaches on the session

          • Providing encouragement and general feedback to skaters

All PAs can be identified by wearing a RED volunteer vest while they are on the ice assisting with our programs.

For more information about the PA program at the Orillia FSC, please contact: 

Link to monthly PA schedule



Wednesday October 3rd , 2018.


5:30-6:15pm Off Ice

6:25-7:25pm  On Ice

Attendance is MANDATORY!!


 Program Assistants are needed on the PreCanSkate and CanSkate sessions on both Mondays and Wednesdays.

 All skaters must be 12 years of age as of December 31, 2017 and passed their Preliminary Freeskate test or higher.  Any skater who is 10-11 years of age and has completed the CanSkate program may be trained as a HELPER for the PreCan and/or  CanSkate sessions.

 Volunteer credits will start immediately for all Program Assistants who have accumulated 10 hours of coaching.  These credits can be put towards your club registration fees for the upcoming season.  COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS are also eligible for all high school students.

 Skaters will be assigned a red Orillia FSC PA vest to be worn at all PreCan and CanSkate sessions throughout the year. Skaters are required to wear their own black pants.   PA vests will remain at the arena for the season. 

The Orillia FSC needs your help.  Please consider volunteering.


If you have any questions please contact :

Erin Shami

Tracey Zwiers  327-2206   

 Orillia Figure Skating Club - OFSC